Yeshe at Body-Mind Wibracje 2022 festival

Yeshe at Body-Mind Wibracje 2022 festival

Festival Wibracje 2022 festival is behind us, and the memories are still alive in us. Memories whose power is difficult to express with words or to show in a collection of photographs. After all, let’s go back to those sunny, festival days once more.

As every year, the Yeshe 💜 family had the pleasure to be a part of the Wibracje Festival, offering Thai massage Yeshe Nuad sessions at the Body Zone. Whoever was a participant knows that it is the people, their open hearts, that determine the true power of this festival. This time there was no difference.

The atmosphere around our Yeshe tent and throughout the whole festival was really fantastic 🤩. During these few days we were visited by many wonderful people. Despite the 30-degree heat, there were many people willing to massage. From dawn to dusk, the space around our tent was teeming with life. Luckily, the Yeshe family came in large numbers. There was no shortage of massage hands, thanks to which almost everyone could experience a relaxing massage session 🙌.

When the sun was going down, to relax and rest we went to listen to music that could be heard from almost every corner of the festival. Piano, guitar, hang or drum 🪘🎷🎻🎹. Everyone could find something for oneself.

One evening, some of the family went on a micro-trip to a nearby lake. A sunset bath to calm down and relax from the multitude of stimuli was what we really needed. Life-work balance preserved! 👌

In order not to be too fairy-tale-like, last night Giże was visited by a storm which brought some rain with it. On Sunday morning we found an impressive lake in our tent. So we spent Sunday drying and putting together our tent. Well … such charms of living and working under the open Masurian sky 😀

We would like to thank everyone who visited us for their openness and trust – see you next year 💫

Mateusz – Yeshe Family

👉 On Friday afternoon, with assisting Mirek and Róża, I had a pleasure to guide a massage workshop – over 60 people were learning to relax their shoulders and neck at the same time. Although it is quite a crazy number of people at the workshop, it turned out that everything is possible on Vibrations 💫 Hania Lubek


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