Thai Touch gathering 2021

Thai Touch gathering 2021
In the summer of 2021, together with a growing Yeshe family, we had a chance to organize a beautiful event- Thai Touch, a Thai massage enthusiasts gathering.
Studying Thai massage in GabrielniaA group of people fascinated with Thai massage work met in the center of Poland in a charming place called Gabrielnia, to share their experiences, to inspire and to make new friends and contacts. Leaving, not only did we have a chance to broaden our knowledge and acquire practical skills, but most of all, we could experience a beautiful and deep touch. During these few days the teachers and participants created a great atmosphere of care, attention and love. Simply “loving touch”.
Surely, it wasn’t a coincidence that Robert Henderson, the author of“Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body”, while talking about the work with a discreet energy, mentioned the heart as a place where the healing power flows from, which touches the person getting the massage and heals them more deeply than our touch can reach. He also talked about the place inside where each one of us holds their family and close relationships. After his workshop we had an image of a whole person who has their own vision of life, who expresses it, puts emotions in it, plans how to fulfill it and who puts it into action. Yes, bodywork also involves this important aspect.
Flora Bisogno showed us Osteothai basics, it’s a combination of osteopathic approach with traditional Thai massage techniques. We received some tangible tools to work with joints, we studied not so easy fascial work and dynamic techniques on tense muscle structures. It allowed us to discover how deep effects you can get with delicate harmonic moves.
Flora Bisogno Osteothai
The beginners also had a chance to take their first steps. In Hania Łubek’s workshop we discovered that the whole body can be used during the massage- elbows, knees and feet can learn to feel as much as hands when we ask them and give them enough time.
Tomek Eichelberger taught us Qi Gong practice, called Budda’s hands. Slow hand movements with careful and precise body position, embodied in your legs, feeling of grounding and deep relaxation gave us not only sheer pleasure, but also made us aware of the importance of feeling your own body in massage practice.
And finally Siawasch Peyman. a bodyworker with a great knowledge and fantastic skills to share it. He showed us a few sequences which let us get to deeply hidden structures and move the whole body. The effects were literally unbelievable. They moved us deeply, evoked strong emotions and eventually brought deep relief and relaxation. It’s good to have such a tool up your therapist sleeve.
Gosia SweetLove completed the whole picture with her colorful and delicious dishes.
The whole event was so inspiring that we will definitely repeat it to be able to draw on this wealth of experience.

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