Thai Acupressure with Noam Tyroler

Thai Acupressure with Noam Tyroler

We have enjoyed 6 intensive days with Thai acupressure and Noam Tyroler who shared his knowledge and over 20 years of experience. It has been Noam’s third stay in Poland. We met him for the first time in November 2016. Our Slavian weather must have been a great challenge for the Israeli, but he didn’t show it. This time the beautiful June weather welcomed him to our country, especially that we started with a stroll along the Vistula river- what a contrast to the winter visit!

We started the course, as usual, with a meditation calming down the mind, which Noam learned in Thailand. Next we proceeded with several sequences of points working with orthopedic issues of shoulders, arms and neck. It turns out that Thai acupressure has a full range of points for such popular ailments as tennis elbow, many different kinds of headaches or twisted neck.

Thai Acupressure Thai Acupressure Thai Acupressure Thai Acupressure

After Noam, in his favorite style, painted certain points and lines with different colors, we had a chance to find those on ourselves. Obviously, the painted model became a ” live map” and there was a long line waiting to work with them.

What’s interesting, some of those who came with long-time shoulder problems could test out the effectiveness of the sequences on the spot.

There was a day dedicated to a taboo topic – pregnant women. Noam Tyroler is the author of a textbook, in which he deals with the topic and presents a great deal of useful techniques for common ailments. We talked about how to help in pregnancy, during delivery and postpartum period. A special thanks goes to our two models without whom it would be a purely theoretical work.

In his free time Noam tirelessly answered questions and shared his experience with us. Taking into consideration how many years he has spent traveling and how many students he has worked with, his neverending enthusiasm and commitment were admirable.

Many thanks for this visit and we hope to see you again soon!


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