Individual Courses

Learn at your own pace!

If you prefer to learn at a pace tailored to your needs – we invite you for a course, a workshop or an individual lesson.

Direct and close contact with the teacher allows you to thoroughly polish all techniques and gives you plenty of time for possible additional explanations. Since most of the techniques you will train directly with the teacher, you can always count on immediate and precise feedback.

Individual Thai massage Yeshe Nuad course can be based on a group course program (basic course or advanced courses). However, the program may also be adapted to the student’s specific needs and level of experience. Particularly individual massage lessons (for example for couples) can be entirely tailored to specific needs.

Individual classes can be booked mainly in Warsaw or Poznan (Poland). However, it is also possible to plan them in Switzerland (Zürich/Bern) and Germany (Berlin or Frankfurt area). In this case please contact us directly so we can discuss possible dates and pricing. To make sure that we can offer you a convenient date please book in advance.

Please mind that dates and course hours are flexible. For example, a two-day course can be spread over four afternoons or mornings. In this way you can use the rest of the day for individual practice.

PRICES (classes in Poland):

Individual course: 2 days (15 hours): 1200 zł

Individual course: 4 days (30 hours): 1900 zł

Individual course for 2 people: 2 days (15 hours): 850 zł/per person

Course for 2 people: 2 days (30 hours): 1500 zł/person

Individual workshop: 3 hours: 350 zł

Individual workshop for 2 people: 3 hours: 400 zł

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