Neck and shoulder workshop (2,5 hrs, Gdańsk)

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Neck and shoulder workshop (2,5 hrs, Gdańsk)

June 12 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Learn how to relax back, shoulders and neck on our Yeshe Nuad Thai massage workshop!

Learn a set of simple and effective techniques that will allow you to take off the burden and stress and relax after busy days.


We often don’t realize how much stress is deposited in these areas or how much we can do for tired shoulders or neck. Yeshe Nuad Thai massage is full of simple yet effective methods that can be easily applied to yourself or to help your family.

Many of us spend hours sitting in front of a computer in an uncomfortable position or behind the wheel of a car, accumulating increasingly deeper tensions over time. This often results in neck pain or tense shoulders. Thai bodywork has been dealing with this problem perfectly for centuries – although previously it concerned farmers working in rice fields rather than in front of a computer 😉


since stress often accumulates in the shoulders, massage helps release it

it really helps your busy mind rest

opens the way for good oxygenation of the brain

this is the key to an open chest that gives us deep and full breathing

as we know, the “smartphone neck” is a problem for almost everyone, which is why it is even more worth consciously starting to work with this area

During the workshop, we will work a lot in a sitting position, which is very convenient, especially when we do not have a dedicated place and we want to help friends, family, elderly people, unaccustomed to massage, or when we have very little time and want to quickly and effectively help relax the back and shoulders. .


⭐ basic neck and shoulder self-massage techniques

⭐ easily relax the entire body (especially superficial fascia)

⭐ how to find the key acupressure and trigger points that also help with tension headaches

⭐ give a massage so that it is pleasant for both you and the person being massaged


The workshops are designed so that all techniques are easy to repeat and there will always be a couple 🙂


Yeshe Nuad online course

She gained her experience by organizing and assisting in massage courses and during trips to Thailand. She has been studying Thai body work and health since 2007, since 2010 has been developing Yeshe Thai massage school and its community. She has been inviting teachers as well as guiding both bacic workshops and advanced courses in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy and the USA, while developing the Yeshe school of Thai massage.

Her greatest inspiration in understanding Thai massage was one of Thailand’s greatest masters, Pitchest Boonthume, with whom she developed the ability to work based on deep listening to the needs of the body being massaged, following intuition and spontaneity in using deep-acting techniques.

Find out more about Hania Łubek

THAI MASSAGE YESHE NUAD is rooted in the tradition of medical Thai massage. It connects the East with the West and deeply relaxes, which is the basis for achieving measurable therapeutic effects. The goal of Yeshe Nuad treatment is to enable the recovery of both physical and mental balance. On the physical level, long term stress and tension disappear while on the psychological level this state is expressed as lightness, joy and feelings of satisfaction. As it allows you to better understand how the state of mind is reflected in the state of the body – it also gives long lasting results.

For people interested in Yeshe Nuad, the workshops are also a great introduction to the Beginners Course. Because they always introduce techniques that do not appear in Yeshe Nuad courses, they also become a very good complement to them and create an additional opportunity to practice in a group.

DATE: 12.06.2024 18:00-20:30

VENUE: Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, Al. Legionów 44, 7 min from ul. Wajdeloty and metropolitan train stop


INVESTMENT: early bird until June 1, PLN 170, or PLN 190 after that date. Transfer title: workshop Gdańsk shoulders and neck, Yeshe school of Thai massage Hanna Łubek
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ANY QUESTIONS – WE WILL BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU 🙂 Don’t hesitate to reach out:



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