Beginners Course Step 1 (4 days, Warsaw)

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Beginners Course Step 1 (4 days, Warsaw)

May 7 - May 10

massage course

Join our beginners course! The 3 parts will give you as much as 90 hours of intensive practice in a 6-people group.

Learn effective techniques based on centuries old of tradition of medical Thai massage. Work under the supervision of a teacher in a small group of up to 8 people.


If you think seriously about Thai massage, this course will give you a complete set of techniques and 90 hours of intensive practice after which you will perform deeply relaxing 2-hour treatment.

Yeshe Nuad beginners course also provides information on how habits and mental states are reflected at body level. The participants will hear about the idea of the massage and learn techniques relaxing feet, legs, hips, back and shoulders.

Apart from this we will work with energy channels what will create a strong base for development during further courses. Understanding the basic Thai principle which is working with energy/sen lines will build a broad basis for your further development on a professional level.

We pay a great attention to maintaining an effortless position while giving massage. Thanks to it, with the time the body awareness grows while the treatments become more and more effortless. .

The course has been divided into 3 parts so there is enough time to practice and come up with questions.

STPE 1 COURSE (30 hours in total) is the first meeting that can be treated as an independent whole

It is intended not only for people who want to treat Yeshe Nuad as their path of professional development. Studying Thai massage can be also a great adventure for those who generally like massage and would like to learn techniques to give a pleasantly relaxing 1.5 hour treatment for friends and family.



    • WARMING UP THE BODY – so you can work deep and use pressure that is pleasant
    • FOOT MASSAGE – finding acupressure points on the feet
    • relieving tired LEGS
    • 6 points and 5 sen lines (Thai meridians) on feet
    • stretching ankle joints and making the Achilles tendon more flexible
    • learning how to work with 6 sen lines (Thai meridians) on legs
    • HIP stretches
    • BACK MASSAGE – finding energy lines along the spine and relaxing tense shoulders
    • relaxing tense SHOULDERS AND SCAPULA
    • RELAXING tense NECK in a comfortable sitting position
    • BODY AWARENESS, how to keep your posture healthy and comfortable

If you feel like taking the first steps and learn effective techniques to apply among friends / family, you can only join for the weekend – you will find more information here.


At our school, we always try to ensure that practitioners have the opportunity to work directly with the teacher. In this way we can ensure transmitting the experience and an atmosphere conducive to learning. Up to 6 participants ensure constant contact with the teacher, direct guidance and an immediate feedback. This is especially important when we learn to work with the weight of the body from scratch. In this way, from the very beginning, we build the correct habits, which later allow for joyful, effortless work.


The course will be facilitated by Hania Łubek. She gained her knowledge and experience by organising and assisting in massage courses and during many trips to Thailand. Since 2007r performs massage and since 2010 conducts workshops and basic and advanced courses min. in Poland, Germany, Holland, Austria, USA, while developing the school of Thai massage Yeshe.

Learn more about Hania Łubek




If you manage to complete Steps 1 and 2 before the summer, you will have the opportunity to join us and massage in the Yeshe tent in July on the Wibracje 2022 festival.


    1. Step 1: May 7-10th, 2022 (Warsaw)
    2. Step 2: May 21-24th, 2022 (Gdańsk)
    3. Step 3: June 23-26th, 2022 (Gdańsk)

=> attn, the dates of the departures may change depending on the epidemiological and war situation in Poland and in the world, but we sincerely hope that it will not be necessary.



Course Fee (3 parts) together with an exam when paying the deposit of 500 zł until April 31: 3250 zł, after this date 3700 zł

Just Step 1: 1250 PLN until 20.04.2022, after this date 1450 PLN, discount for couples: PLN 80 (per couple);

Single step 2 and 3 in Gdansk: 1250 PLN, discount for couples: PLN 80 (per couple);

Weekend Option: till 20.04.2022, 570 zł, after this date 650zł, discount for couples: PLN 50 (per couple)

Downpayment account (500zł): Yeshe szkoła masażu tajskiego Hanna Łubek, mBank 61 1140 2004 0000 3102 7771 5260 /if you pay in Euro, ask for separate account!

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The course is guided by Hanna LubekLearn more about the basic course of Thai massage Yeshe NuadSIGN UP


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