Therapeutic course – diapharm, shoulders, neck (4/5 days, Gdańsk)

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Therapeutic course – diapharm, shoulders, neck (4/5 days, Gdańsk)

December 8 - December 12

Deepen your treatments with effective and precise ways of relieving upper body tensions!

Learn the art of observation to work precisely in specific situations, such as the most common problems back, diaphragm, shoulder girdle and neck area.


During the course and Case Study, we will learn to observe the body and work with its layers and myofascial chains, which is crucial for achieving visible results.

Then we will learn sets of effective techniques that dissolve surface tension and warm up large muscle parts to be able to precisely select techniques involving ex. thumbs in working with acupressure points supporting such common problems as closed chest, diaphragm, shoulders and tech neck issues.

The advanced course is for you if you want to start doing therapeutic massage or expand your skills in this area.

In order for a therapeutic session to bring profound results, it should always be performed not only with understanding of a specific problem, but also with focus and lightness. This course will provide you with the necessary tools to perform a deep and intense massage in an effortless way, even when we are dealing with a person much heavier than us.


– chest opening techniques (e.g. relaxing the diaphragm, deepening the breath), which is crucial for a healthy posture that ensures not only deep and full breathing, but also prevents back and neck problems related to the use of mobile phones and working in front of the computer (so-called smartphone neck) )

– how to work with sen lines on the back with high superficial tension and weight differences between the giver and the receiver

– use of Thai acupressure points necessary in relieving most of the shoulder and shoulder problems

– how to relax tense neck, especially the area under the occiput, extremely important for the proper functioning of the vagus nerve

– using elements of dynamic Thai massage, such as rocking, shaking and pulsating

👉 We will use elbows, knees and feet, which will allow you to free your thumbs and enjoy the treatment. To achieve this, we will pay special attention to the position of our body. Using elbows, knees and feet will strengthen the pressure without putting a strain on the your own body. Such an approach will bring a sense of effortlessness, necessary if you wish to enjoy your work as a Yeshe Nuad Thai bodywork therapist on long term basis.

👉 Presented techniques are effective at the orthopedic level and teach to dissolve deep blockages. Therefore, in order to get the full benefit of the course, it is necessary to practice beforehand and develop basic Thai massage skills (i.e. take a minimum 60h Yeshe Nuad beginners course).


“What have I learnt: Giving massage 🙂 During the first three steps, it seems that we learned a lot of things – techniques, approach to the massaged person, etc. It seemed that this knowledge was really big (because it is), and it was obvious to me that there was still a lot of learning ahead of me. But this course showed how useful massage can be, showed things that 90% of the time or more none of us will get when we go to a massage parlour. I got to know the tools that allow me to help others in an even better and more effective way and bring relaxation to the body. In addition, what I learned allowed me to perform massage more comfortably and not tiring for my body.”


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT until 31.08 (-350 PLN)


At Yeshe school, we always try to give the practitioner the opportunity to work directly with the teacher. That’s why we keep the group size intimate on the therapeutic course. Such conditions are ensured for example by providing a constant contact with the teacher, direct guidance and immediate feedback that will help you in fast development on your Thai bodywork path. In this way, from the very beginning, we build the correct habits, which later allow for joyful, effortless work. In this way, from the very beginning, we build the correct habits, which later allow for joyful, effortless work.


After the course, we invite you to spend one more day with us, during which there will be an opportunity to observe the work in a specific case which is always useful and gives direct transmission how to tackle particular case and how to combine the techniques into a coherent whole. During the Case Study, we discuss in detail the selected case (model, with a specific problem) touching all the necessary elements that should be included during the Yeshe Nuad session. Then, participants have the opportunity to observe the session made by the teacher and ask questions. During the afternoon session, there is an opportunity to apply the learned techniques at work, consulting with the teacher both the approach to a specific problem and the selection of a set of techniques.


She gained her experience by organizing and assisting in massage courses and during trips to Thailand. She has been studying Thai body work and health since 2007, since 2010 has been developing Yeshe Thai massage school and its community. She has been inviting teachers as well as guiding both bacic workshops and advanced courses Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria, USA. At the same time, he is developing Yeshe Thai Massage School and supports its community.

“Sharing my Thai work experience is always an incredibly rewarding for me, no matter what country I have the opportunity to teach in and what nationality I meet people from. There is something beautiful and universal in the passion for conscious work with the body and developing a loving touch, that comforts and simply feels good. I can remember very well how many uncertainties I had to face myself and how many doubts I had to overcome, ranging from “am I doing it right” to “how can I be sure that I won’t hurt anyone”. That is why I design the courses in such a way that they provide not only a complete but also a safe toolkit for developing touch, so that you can enjoy every step on this beautiful path.”



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DATE: Gdańsk, 8-11/12.12.2023

Maximum number of participants: 8

INVESTMENT: until August 31: PLN 1950, later PLN 2250.

-> discount: if you have completed the Yeshe Nuad 1-3 basic course, passed the exam and paid the deposit by August 31st, 100 PLN discount.

CASE STUDY (12th Dec): PLN 350, Cost for course participants: PLN 250 (min. number of participants – 2 people)

Account number for deposit payment of PLN 550 or course fee: Yeshe Thai massage school Hanna Łubek
mBank 61 1140 2004 0000 3102 7771 5260

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