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Weekend for beginners (2 days, Warsaw)

You will learn the effective and pleasantly relaxing techniques of Thai Yeshe Nuad massage. You will learn to do a 1.5 hour deepply relaxing session. You will massage but you will also receive a massage!

Professional Course 108 hrs, (3 x 5 days, Gdańsk)

Stare Chiang Mai Al. Legionów 44/5, Gdańsk, pomorskie, Poland

The professional course of Thai massage Yeshe Nuad is as much as 108 hours of intensive practice in a group of 8 people with a guidance of an experienced teacher. You will learn effective techniques based on centuries-old tradition of medical Thai Massage.

YESHE FAMILY gathering (2,5 day, weekend in the nature)

Gabrielnia Gabrielnia 7, Gabrlielnia, Świętokrzyskie, Polska

Spend a relaxing weekend with us away from the city, share your experiences, massage and get inspired :) You will meet people similar to you, inspired by a good touch […]

Weekend for beginners v.2 (2 days, Warsaw)

Bracka 23 Bracka 23, Warszawa, Polska

Learn about the effective and pleasantly relaxing techniques of Yeshe Nuad Thai massage, a holistic way of looking at the body as a reflection of the state of mind. Uses techniques known in the medical Thai Nuad massage.