Weekend for beginners (2 days, Warsaw)

You will learn the effective and pleasantly relaxing techniques of Thai Yeshe Nuad massage. You will learn to do a 1.5 hour deepply relaxing session. You will massage but you will also receive a massage!

Professional Course 108 hrs, (3 x 5 days, Gdańsk)

Stare Chiang Mai Al. Legionów 44/5, Gdańsk, pomorskie, Poland

The professional course of Thai massage Yeshe Nuad is as much as 108 hours of intensive practice in a group of 8 people with a guidance of an experienced teacher. You will learn effective techniques based on centuries-old tradition of medical Thai Massage.

Weekend for beginners v.2 (2 days, Warsaw)

Bracka 23 Bracka 23, Warszawa, Polska

Learn about the effective and pleasantly relaxing techniques of Yeshe Nuad Thai massage, a holistic way of looking at the body as a reflection of the state of mind. Uses techniques known in the medical Thai Nuad massage.