Therapeutic Courses

If you’ve fallen in love with Yeshe Nuad bodywork, deepen your skills with therapeutic courses!

Learn techniques that will help you precisely deal with specific body issues. Develop the art of a careful body observation so that you can choose effective methods tailored to the receiver’s needs.

Awareness and listening to the receiver’s body are the firsts steps to a truly healing and therapeutic session of a Thai massage Yeshe Nuad. As a truly healing treatment should always be given with easiness and joy, respecting different layers of the body, this course will provide tools helping to work in an effortless way even with strong and tense bodies.

Our advanced Thai massage courses have been designed to provide you with necessary tools to share a deep and intensive massage treatment. Working with your whole body weight will make your touch pleasantly deep without the feeling of “pressing”. Using elbows, knees and feet will strengthen the pressure without putting a strain on the your own body. Such an approach will bring a sense of effortlessness, necessary if you wish to enjoy your work as a Yeshe Nuad Thai bodywork therapist on long term basis.

For everyone who is already familiar with Thai Massage and feels confident with the techniques used during the Basic Courses, the advanced Thai massage courses will give more confidence and tools to help in various situations. The ability to listen to the needs and observe the dependencies between different parts of the body will allow to adjust treatments to specific needs and will bring lasting therapeutic results.

The techniques presented have an effect at the orthopedic level and teach to dissolve deep blockages. Therefore, in order to get the full benefit of the course, it is necessary to practice beforehand and develop basic Thai massage skills (i.e. take a minimum 60h Yeshe Nuad beginners course).

The course program includes work with the lower part of the body from the feet to the center: with the most common knee, hip and lumbar problems.


– relax feet (using your feet) and ankle ligaments, which is crucial for proper posture

– work with sen lines on legs and hips using deep pressure of your feet and knees

– use acupressure points necessary to work with hip and lumbar problems (e.g. sciatica),

– techniques and relaxation points of abdominal tense affecting lower back problems (e.g., working with the iliopsoas muscle)

– work with the most common knee problems,

– using elements of dynamic Thai massage, such as rocking, shaking and pulsating

The course program includes work with the upper body: such as the most common problems of back, diaphragm, shoulder girdle and neck area.


– chest opening techniques (e.g. relaxing the diaphragm, deepening the breath), which is crucial for a healthy posture that ensures not only deep and full breathing, but also prevents back and neck problems related to the use of mobile phones and working in front of the computer (so-called smartphone neck) )

– how to work with sen lines on the back with high superficial tension and weight differences between the giver and the receiver

– use of Thai acupressure points necessary in relieving most of the shoulder and shoulder problems

– how to relax tense neck, especially the area under the occiput, extremely important for the proper functioning of the vagus nerve

– using elements of dynamic Thai massage, such as rocking, shaking and pulsating


Gentle rocking movement can relax and calm down almost anyone. Remember what it is like traveling by train? It works in a similar way. It can also evoke memories from childhood and feelings of cosiness and safety. In this way smooth, rocking movement builds trust and helps to achieve deep relaxation.

To achieve this, it is important to have the ability to work effortlessly. The movement should come from the center and flows with the breath like a wave on the ocean that never ends. Massage treatment performed in this way also allows you to understand where are the restrictions to the natural flow of body movement and dissolves the obstacles.

In this way we can enrich our treatments with techniques that use swinging, pulsing and shaking. Rhythmic movement removes stagnation and accumulated tensions, it also helps to reach deeper layers of the body. Moreover, most techniques allow almost painless work. Thanks to this, the therapeutic session, although it reaches deep layers of the body, it can be easily received by people who are not accustomed to working with pain.

The course extends the skills gained at Thai Massage/Shiatsu beginners course and is designed for people who have completed at least 30 hours of the beginners course of Thai massage or Thai massage Yeshe Nuad.

Thai massage workshops at an advanced level will help you deepen your knowledge and practical skills.

Each day of the workshop consists of 2 parts:

    1. Morning – working with specific cases (partly “case studies”) we will observe how to adapt the techniques we have already learned and which ones to skip. You will learn many variants of techniques using knees, elbows and feet, allowing you to better adapt the work to the needs of both the giver and the receiver.
    2. Afternoon – time for practice under the supervision of a teacher, during which you will have the opportunity to ask questions and clear doubts on how to best adapt the techniques or type of compression to specific needs. We will work by exchanging sessions with each other or with invited models. The practice time will last until 4:30 p.m. However, since we know well that it is often difficult to break away from sharing good Thai bodywork, it will be possible to stay longer, until 6:00 p.m. 🙂

What have I learnt: Giving massage 🙂 During the first three steps, it seems that we learned a lot of things – techniques, approach to the person being massaged, etc. It seemed that this knowledge was really big (because it is), and it was obvious to me that there was still a lot of learning ahead of me. But this course showed how useful massage can be, showed things that 90% of the time or more none of us will get when we go to a massage parlour. I got to know the tools that allow me to help others in an even better and more effective way and bring relaxation to the body. Additionally, what I learned allowed me to perform massage more comfortably and without tiring my body.



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