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Enjoy a unique Thai massage course that covers as many as 90 hours in a small, 6-person group!

Thai massage Yeshe Nuad is rooted in a medical Thai massage. Its holistic approach and relief bringing techniques have been known and practiced for centuries. The goal of Yeshe Nuad massage is to enable the recovery of both physical and mental balance. On the physical level, long term stress and tension disappear while on the psychological level this state is expressed as lightness, joy and feelings of satisfaction.

The course is divided into three subcourses that cover techniques allowing to give a deeply relaxing massage in all therapeutic positions of Thai massage. It also includes a specialty of Thai massage – a hot herbal compress massage.


The course is not only a solid portion of massage techniques and practice, but also a series of information on how habits and states of mind are reflected in the state of the body.

During the course we will pay a great attention to the body position and establishing a habit of working in an ergonomic and healthy way. Thanks to it, with the time the body awareness grows while the treatments become more and more effortless.


Upcoming dates:

The next beginners course: 3-6 October 2019, Warsaw (PART 1, 30 hours)

Cost: 370 Euro, 20 Euro discount for an early bird registration and downpayment till 03.07.2019


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