Where Buddhist traditional massage meets modern minds:

Although Nuad Borad has always been a healing tradition rooted in Buddhist teachings, in the 2nd half of the 20th century it was often taught as a mere set of techniques under the umbrella term of “Thai Massage”.


For many decades now in Europe, we have been observing a tremendous growth in our awareness of how the mind functions. Various psychological researchers have pointed out that the body is rather a representation of the mind and that its shape is strongly influenced by our mind states. From this point of view, massage stops being a mere body technique and becomes a tool to help release tensions and therefore experience the mind in a relaxed state. According to Buddhist teachings, the true nature of the mind is openness and happiness without limitation. It is also full of “Yeshe” which is an intuitive wisdom, which we all experience in moments when we forget about fixed ideas and expectations.


Thai Massage YESHE NUAD massage brings together the techniques of ancient massage and Buddhist approach to how the mind functions. It helps therapists, clients and workshop participants to be more easy-going and joyful in all kinds of life situations, and to experience that their mind is naturally beautiful.



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