Yeshe Nuad massage workshops take your first steps!

Thai Massage YESHE NUAD workshops are designed to give you a taste of our approach towards the body and the mind in an easy formula. The workshops usually take 2-6 hours and combine learning deeply relaxing techniques with an introduction to YESHE NUAD style and philosophy.


Although simple to learn, all the techniques in the workshops have been chosen because they are very effective and pleasant both for the giver and for the receiver of a massage.


The workshops are designed for people without any experience of giving massage.  All the techniques are easy to repeat later at home, and many of them can be done even while sitting on a chair. Moreover, for those interested in further development, workshops are a great introduction to Yeshe Nuad and certainly facilitate the first steps during longer courses.

Types of workshops:

  • HAPPY BACK-SHOULDERS-NECK (sitting position)

    This is the only workshop covering the sitting position. It is very convenient especially if there is not much time to give a longer session. Also for older people, for those who are not used to receiving any kind of massage or simply for those whose mind is very busy, this position gives a great opportunity to get a quick back, shoulders and neck release.

  • Hands and arms

    According to YESHE NUAD philosophy, arms and hands are responsible for self-expression and channel heart energy to the world. Understood in this way, hand massage is deeply relaxing.


    Additionally supported with techniques that relax shoulders, hand massage can bring a good feeling and an openness so badly needed in the contemporary world.

  • Happy Feet

    Ideally it is great to start every massage from the feet. Foot massage is not only very pleasant but also provides us with grounding and stability. Like roots for a tree, in the same way healthy and relaxed feet help our body and mind to re-balance and relax, even during the more difficult moments in life.

  • Relaxed Back

    This workshop focuses mainly on the lower spine. The techniques are particularly recommended for people who spend a lot of time sitting or standing. To provide full support for the participants, during a warm-up a set of effective pain-releasing exercises is given to be repeated later at home.


  • Radiant Face

    This workshop will focus on the face. A very delicate massage will teach us how to "lighten our head" and remove everyday stresses. To do this we will learn how to deeply listen to ourselves and relax, letting ideas and feelings just pass by. As a side effect of regular self-treatments, we can expect our skin to look fresher, reducing tension and smoothing out wrinkles.



© Hanna Łubek 2012  All of the photos and illustrations on this page are subject to copyright. Yeshe Nuad is not an alternative treatment and the students/practitioners  are neither alternative practitioners/healers nor doctors.