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YESHE NUAD is a floor massage. The fully dressed client lies on a pad or light mattress. It allows the therapist to manipulate the client without much effort. Moreover, a sensation of the ground helps the client to feel stable and secure. Every movement is designed to support the client as well as the therapist. All techniques are adjusted individually and there are practically no limitations to use this massage because of the health or age. As clients are dressed in comfortable clothes in which they feel relaxed, this form of massage is especially advised to people who feel uncomfortable with classical massage. Already the first meeting starts the process of regaining the inner balance, restoration of tired nervous system and gives visible effects.


The massage is given in silence to allow the therapist to understand the client and to give the client a chance to focus and learn about open up to whatever that appeares without distractions. To give and to experience YESHE NUAD is a meditative practice. At the end of a two hour treatment, both the receiver and the therapist feel relaxed and energized.


At the very end, YESHE NUAD is a tool that helps to experience one’s mind as relaxed, open and joyful.

Results of Yeshe Nuad regular treatmens:

• Clearer and more relaxed mind

• Improved concentration

• Improved energy level and stamina

• Relaxed back, shoulders and neck

• Deeper breathing and a better sleep

• Better blood circulation, lowered blood pressure

• Strengthen joints, more flexible muscles

• Detoxificated  body

• Boosted immune system

• Development of new, healthier habits




© Hanna Łubek 2012  All of the photos and illustrations on this page are subject to copyright. Yeshe Nuad is not an alternative treatment and the students/practitioners  are neither alternative practitioners/healers nor doctors.