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Therapist: Patrycja Różańska

Treatment date: 07.12.2014

Comment from ales5:

Patrycja, is a great specialist. She know exactly what to do that will bring expected results. I feel a big difference, very well after massage with Patrycja. She treats her patients very individually, she understand his/her needs trying to do the best to help them feel better.


Therapist: Hania Lubek

Treatment date: 30.08.2013, 3 hrs

Comment from Volen:

Simply I felt fantastic afterwards. Like few good sleeps and enough time for relaxation. Thank you so much.


Therapist: Kasia Ledwon

Treatment date: 10.12.2012

Comment from Marta:

Very relaxing massage and a very warm and friendly session altogether. I am particularly pleased with the thigh and leg massage - I did not have this type of massage before, where the leg and thigh muscles are slightly stretched and massaged in that position - great feeling of relaxation. Highly recommend.


Therapist: Hania Lubek

Treatment date: 18.08.2012

Comment from Anthony:

I had the great chance to meet the practice of Yeshe Nuad here, in Bari (Italy). It renews me every time I get a treatment, removing old energies stack since who knows how many years...



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Yeshe Nuad therapists have gathered a minimum of 180 hours' course experience and have successfully passed exams with 2 Yeshe teachers. They have been giving treatments for a minimum of 2 years and have documented at least 150 sessions. They have the right qualifications to give a deeply relaxing 2-hour massage treatment and address various body problems. To widen their horizons, they have participated on at least two of the Body or Mind courses and dedicate themselves to continuously improving their qualifications.

Recommended Yeshe Nuad practitioners:

Yeshe Nuad practitioners have gathered a minimum of 50 hours' course experience and successfully passed a 1:1 exam with a Yeshe Nuad teacher. They are qualified to give a deeply relaxing 2-hour massage treatment and address basic body problems. The practitioners also dedicate themselves to continuously improving their qualifications.

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Dawid Fijoł, Rybnik and Katowice area, dawidfijol@interia.pl

Katarzyna Balcerowicz, Warsaw, kasia@kasia.edu.pl

Katarzyna Ledwoń, Warsaw, kasia@kolebkanatury.p

Radek Andruszkiewicz, Gdańsk, andrus108@gmail.com


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