Justyna Virmani, Yeshe Nuad practitioner:

Available in: Poznan

Contact: justynavirmani@gmail.com

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world” Buddha


I am a trained theologian and philosopher, with the passion of practicing Ashtanga yoga

and Yeshe Nuad. Religion and philosophical studies enabled me to acquire a lot of knowledge about the West and the East culture. Through numerous trips to Asia the theoretical knowledge became the practical. Meeting with people and their culture taught me humility, understanding and acceptance of what we –Westerners- sometimes do not understand.


Since childhood I have been interested and fascinated with martial arts especially Brazilian capoeira and therefore I had been training it for several years. Although capoeira has given me a lot of satisfaction and joy, having discovered Ashtanga yoga I gave me the experience of harmony in activity. The practice of yoga - conscious work with the body has led me to a Thai massage - Nuad. I discovered Thai massage in 2007 during a trip to Thailand, but mature decision to practice came in 2011. From this point I attend regularly courses and workshops in Warsaw organized by Hania Łubek in Yeshe school.


The practice of massage is a great fascination for me, and the work in which I found peace, joy, mindfulness and being in here and now.


My journeys:

Experience: 217 pkt



HANIA LUBEK - Yeshe Nuad

PICHEST BOONTHUME,  AJARN SINCHAI, Dot, Phu, Na - Traditional Thai Massage


VICKIE MALO - Bioenergetics


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