Hania Lubek, Yeshe Nuad Adv. Therapist and Teacher:

Available for treatmens in: Warsaw

contact: info@yeshenuad.org

Hania Lubek has developed the idea of Thai Massage Yeshe Nuad and founded the Yeshe School of Massage which became a platform for exchange and development for its students, practitioners and teachers. Although she spends most time in Warsaw, she guides courses, workshops and give treatments also in Ireland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Holland.

"My interest in body-mind development grew out of my search for a way of life that would allow to combine profound Buddhist views with skillful and effective methods for working with the body.


I come from Gdynia, which is part of a beautiful triple-city situated at the Polish seaside. After moving to busy Warsaw, I simply could not accept that rushing around all the time could possibly be a recipe for a happy life. I had started to search for solutions that would allow me to fulfill my passion for development. Step by step that led me to Yeshe and the school of massage that I have started to develop.


In my opinion, Yeshe Nuad is a great way of working with body and mind. The 2500 year- old tradition translated into our European language allows us to relax really deeply. It is possible to feel that even during the first treatment or the first workshop. Moreover, as we never perform just mere "techniques", but treat each other with deep respect and care, our group of practitioners has a foundation based on true friendship and good will, for which I am always very grateful.


All of that kept me developing the massage community, inviting teachers, organizing, guiding courses and workshops of Jivaka, Yeshe Nuad, Thai Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am looking forward to meeting you on one of them!"


Already the first meeting with Thai Massage Yeshe Nuad treatment starts the process of regaining the inner balance, restoration of tired nervous system and gives visible effects. All techniques are adjusted individually and there are practically no limitations to use this massage because of the health or age.



PICHEST BOONTHUME,  AJARN SINCHAI,  LAURINO, DOM, PE, KOM, XAVIER - Traditional Thai Massage (Thailand, Chang Mai)


GUNTHER KRUEGER - Jivaka/Thai massage


VICTORIA MALO - Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bioenergetics (Alexander Lowen)


DAVID LUTT - Ostheo-Thai


NOAM TYROLER - Thai Acupressure


BOŻENA PRZYJEMSKA - Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Fascia massage


JANUSZ RUDAK, SATYARTHI PELOQUIN  - Fascia massage and energetical release


DORIS KOLLING - Abdomen Detox Massage (Chi Nei Tsang)




• Clearer and more relaxed mind, improved concentration and reduced stress

• Improved energy level and stamina

• Relaxed back, shoulders and regained neck mobility

• Deeper breathing, improved blood circulation, lowered blood pressure

• Strengthed joints, more flexible muscles

• Detoxificated body better sleep and boosted immune system

• Development of new, healthier habits

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Therapist: Hania Łubek

Date of the treatment: 2.2016,

2 hrs massage

Comment Author: Halina Wrzesień

I am very satisfied. Treatment by Hania really relaxed my body, and what is more important, pain in my legs and feet which I had after my pregnancy just disappeared. Thank you one more time.

Therapist: Hania Łubek

Date of the treatment: 7.2015,

1,5 hrs massage

Comment Author: Eithne Foley

Recently had a wonderful massage from Hanna from Yeshe. This was in Dingle, Ireland. Hanna was excellent & most accommodating.

Therapist: Hania Łubek

Date of the treatment: 02.2015,

3 hrs massage

Comment Author: Philipp P.

Excellent treatment - one of the best I've ever had - and even after three hours my body wanted even more.... Hania has very talented and skilful means within the field of massage - very gentle, precise and inventive :-)

Therapist: Hania Łubek

Date of the treatment: 08.2013,

2.5 hrs massage

Comment Author: Volen

Simply I felt fantastic afterwards. Like few good sleeps and enough time for relaxation. Thank you so much.

Therapist: Hania Łubek

Date of the treatment: 18.08.2012

Comment Author: Anthony Green

Ho avuto la grande fortuna di incontrare questa pratica di Yeshe Nuad qui a Bari, che mi rinnova ogni volta che la ricevo, tirando fuori energie immagazzinate chissà quanti anni fa...

Therapist: Hania Łubek

Date of the treatment: 23.08.2009

Comment Author: Ola Lax

What can I say. Perfectly lovely. I felt like a (almost) new person afterwards. Thanks.


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