Learn Thai traditional protocols for treatment of orthopedic disorders!

Thai acupressure is the physiotherapy of Thailand. It is widely practiced in hospitals across teh whole Thailand but less known among most non-Thais.


Medical massage is practiced in Thailand since the Sukhotai era (1240 to 1320). During the history, generations of practitioners composed combinations of massage spots to treat many different orthopedic ailments.


Unlike general Thai massage for the whole body, Thai medical acupressure treatment routines are based on traditional combinations or formulas of therapy points which may treat specific orthopedic disorders.

Thai Acupressure courses:

An important aspect of treating an orthopedic pain is the proper identification of certain lines and points. Each orthopedic condition is manifested by a unique set of lines and points that are in a state of imbalance and need to be treated. Correctly identifying the proper set of points is the key for determining a treatment for that condition.


During our courses you will be guided straight to the points that are in a state of excess or deficiency. When your diagnosis is right, your treatments will often yield clear and lasting therapeutic results.


The course will cover the following topics:

- Basic pressure techniques.

- The assimilation of a point combination treatment into a Thai massage session.

- Diagnosis of the most common disorders.

- Point combinations for the most common orthopedic disorders


Teacher: Noam Tyroler


Learn more about Thai Acupressure: thaiacu.com


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