When Your body is relaxed...

..... You can quite easily reach into Your mind, to look for unconscious believes which are responsible for  a lot of  Your emotional and physical pain. You can say “Thank you” and “good bye” to those schemes which separate You from growth and happiness.


Psychology for therapists:

Even though no-one coming for a treatments expects psychotherapy, many of the receivers feel like sharing their feelings with the other person. The treatments often create situations where one feels secure. In these conditions such an exchange can bring a great relief and solace.


This course has been designed to support the therapists with a basic knowledge on how our sub-consciousness functions.


The course will focus on:

-> convictions - those who block, destroy and heal us

-> recognizing the "depressive and fixing" factor and getting rid off the vicious wheel of psycho-somatic stress

-> how our language may influence the process of healing


Duration: to be confirmed


Teacher: Joanna Heidtman


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