Jivaka Kumara Baccha - the patron of YESHE NUAD massage

According to the Pāli Buddhist Canon, Jivaka has been the Buddha’s physician over 2500 years ago. Traditionally, all NUAD and YESHE NUAD courses and treatments start with an invocation to him. As historical sources confirm, Jivaka went on to become a fully realized master and an incredible physician too. Thus he became the Buddha’s personal physician and also became responsible for the medical care of the entire Buddhist sangha. Since Jivaka was never ordained and had such a close connection with the Buddha, he naturally became the head of lay practitioners in the early days of the Buddhist sangha.


Jivaka’s heritage has been kept alive in many countries, including India, China, Japan, Thailand and Tibet. Generally it is possible to diagnose that whenever the teachings of the Buddha were spread and taken over by open-minded people, so too the methods of his physician, Jivaka Kumara Bhaccha, were discovered by many of these practitioners.


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