Yeshe meets Ying -Yang

"By studying the orgnic patterns of heavens and earth a fool can become a sage. So by watching the times and seasons of natural phenomena we can become true philosophers". Li Quan, Yin Fu Jing A.A. 735



It is very hard to underestimate the deep and immense knowledge of medical science, theory, diagnostic methods, prescriptions and cures that are gathered within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). At Yeshe School of Massage we would like to invite you to introduction courses.  We consider them a valuable base for everyone interested in gaining more consciousness about how his own body functions as well as a great tool that can be used by professional therapists. Of course, after an introduction none becomes a "doctor" or a "healer". However the course can really broaden our horizons and draw our attention to observing how the body functions and various symptoms that are usually passing by unnoticed.


The unique asset of our courses is the teacher - Victoria Malo. Vicke, as we call her, has more than 30 years of experience in this field and as only the true experts can do - she passes her knowledge on this extremely complex topic in a way that is comprehensible also for beginners.

Introduction to the Traditional Chinese Med.

The course of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a great introduction to the topic of Oriental Medicine both for professionals and people who would like to learn more about their health.


The course will cover the following areas:

- what is health and balance

- the theory of YIN i YANG

- the 5 elements and 14 meridians including herbal and diet tips plus first aid points on each meridian

- techniques of moxibustion and acupressure


The course is especially interesting for people who:

- are interested in oriental medicine and diagnosis

- have already experience in TCM and would like to deepen the knowledge

- would like to learn more about health to help themselves and their families

- would like to become Yeshe Nuad Therapists


Duration: 20 hrs


Teacher: Victoria Malo


© Hanna Łubek 2012  All of the photos and illustrations on this page are subject to copyright. Yeshe Nuad is not an alternative treatment and the students/practitioners  are neither alternative practitioners/healers nor doctors.