Start moving from your center and... enjoy it!

How can our body become clever and aware?

Is it possible to focus and expand our awareness when we are “in action”?

How our mental attitude influences our body language?


The answer is in our capacity to integrate body and mind reactivating our natural quality of being aware and dynamic. Learning how to move from our "center" will gradually make our movements much more effortless and fluent. Then not only massage but also dancing and even many casual other daily activities will start bringing much more joy and freedom only because of the fact that we will be more aware of our bodies and their balance.

Body awareness workshops:

 We invite everyone interested in increasing body awareness and balance or those that simply would like to spend a joyful and relaxing Saturday evening.


During the workshops we will practice basic techniques originating from aikido, yoga, shiatsu and contact improvisation.


The workshops cover the following topics:

- how to increase our own balance and body awareness

- how to use our body weight while working

- how to work in such a way that later we don't have to go for massage unless we just like it :)


Duration: varies from 3-6 hrs


Teacher: Vito Panunzio


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