Our way of thinking:

The aim of the Yeshe School of Massage is to train therapists who understand that a mere set of techniques rarely brings about the desired long-term results.


If a treatment is not accompanied by an understanding that the condition of the body is to a great degree the result of former experiences and habits, the therapy is usually much less effective and the indisposition quickly returns. That sets off a downward spiral, in which we have less courage and patience available as we search for the remedy.


Our courses offer help in understanding the relationship between body and mind and  provide therapeutic techniques based on that.


For those who would like to start in an easy formula we suggest workshops. They usually take 2-6 hours and combine learning deeply relaxing techniques techniques yet easy to repeat later at home. There is also one more unique opportunity, our  HOBBY MASSAGE COURSE - a great offer for those who love giving/getting massage at home treating it as a health and joy bringing hobby.


Finally, for all those who would like to receive Yeshe Nuad treatment, we would like to recommend proven therapists with a deep humanistic approach, who are also able to address various problems related to the body.


Thai Massage Yeshe Nuad


Gdynia, 18-19.03.2017

Gdańsk, 27-28.05.2017

Thai Massage Yeshe Nuad


14-23.06.2017 Opolnica (Wroclaw area)


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